What is the UAoS (United Aspects of Satan)?

The United Aspects of Satan is a religious organization advocating an atheistic, egalitarian form of Satanism. See also our Purpose And Core Values and The Baphomet Principle.

Do you believe in a literal Satan?

No, the view of the UAoS is that Satan is a metaphorical construct or archetype. It is purely symbolic. Satan and other supernatural beings do not actually exist.

Is there any supernatural belief, or belief in an afterlife?

No, the UAoS is atheistic, and incorporates skepticism into its philosophy. As a result it is entirely non-supernatural (materialist). We believe only in the natural world, and that the life you are living now is all you get.

What does United Aspects of Satan mean?

These are aspects or parts of the Satan character that are united to form our modern concept of Satan. The eight aspects of Satan are all metaphorical constructs symbolizing sets of philosophical concepts.

These mythological characters are all part of our modern concept of Satan. They each add something to the Satan character. It may seem odd that Satan adds to Satan, but that is actually how the beginning of the character is part of the final character. Satan means “adversary”, which is the source of the character. So, Satan is the adversarial aspect (and original version), of the modern Satan character.

Ba’al is the source of Beelzebub, who is the Lord of Flies. Lucifer is the fallen angel. Pan gives the goat characteristics, and the hedonistic nature of Satan. Baphomet seems to be related to Pan in some way, and is a much later invention, but heavily associated with Satanism. The Leviathan is the snake, serpent, or sea monster form. Belial just adds the traits of lawlessness and worthlessness, the latter of which I think was mistranslated and should have been “without values”, as in not sharing the values of the Abrahamic god. This gives Satan the individualist quality. Loki is the trickster, and the source of those qualities in our modern concept of Satan.

In Satanism, Satan is a metaphorical construct symbolizing various philosophical concepts. Just like the different aspects of Satan shaped the mythological character, so do they also contribute to the philosophical concepts.

What does the UAoS believe in and stand for?

This is detailed in the book “The Satanic Narratives: A Modern Satanic Bible”, which is a very short read, available anywhere (although bookstores will likely have to order it), and reasonably priced.

But to sum it up, our view of reality is informed by scientific and philosophical skepticism. We believe knowledge comes from reason and empirical evidence, which of course includes science.

The morality is much the same as Humanism and it is rather like Luciferianism as practiced by most. It emphasizes empathy, compassion, and social justice. The UAoS agrees with the secular ethics of The Satanic Temple, as another example, and would likely be comfortable with the secular ethics of most (if not all) Humanist organizations that have codified a set of them. This can be summed up with The Baphomet Principle, which goes as follows: Self-motivation balanced with compassion and reason, in all things.

As a Satanist organization, we believe in the metaphor of Satan as an adversarial archetype. This symbolizes rebellion and embracing one’s status as an outcast. As a Left-Hand Path organization it is also about individualism, and the discovery, acceptance, and fulfillment of self.

Hedonism or Epicureanism is another thing in which we believe. Indulgence and joy are the true virtues, not arbitrary denial.

While that summary gives one an adequate understanding, the book will fill in further details.

Is the UAoS related to TST (The Satanic Temple)?

No, it is an entirely different organization completely unconnected.

It is true that it was founded by Damien Ba’al, who was a chapter head with TST through the end of July 2015. However, there is no current relationship.

It is also true that the UAoS has a point of view much in line with the Seven Tenets of TST, and that those secular ethics were endorsed in The Satanic Narratives. Damien felt that their set of secular ethics expressed his point of view 100%. It was the fact that the tenets perfectly expressed the way Damien had already been living his life for many years, that got him involved to begin with. However, being in agreement on the topic of secular ethics or even the larger subject of moral philosophy does not indicate any sort of relationship.

How is this different from the CoS (Church of Satan)?

The CoS advocates a sort of social Darwinism and “might is right” philosophy. The UAoS is more egalitarian and believes in social justice.

What is the relationship between the Atheistic Satanism Facebook page and website, and the United Aspects of Satan?

United Aspects of Satan is religious organization representing a branch of Satanism with a distinct interpretation of Satanic philosophy rooted in the text “The Satanic Narratives: A modern Satanic Bible”. You could think of the United Aspects of Satan as being a subcategory of the more general category of modern atheistic Satanic religions. We have only formed recently, but we have priests and a membership, and a growing body of philosophical writing about our morality and religious beliefs.

The “Atheistic Satanism” website and Facebook community, on the other hand, are for a broader audience: they provide a social arena for sharing information and networking among anyone who considers themselves aligned with a modern atheistic Satanic mindset, or who is interested in learning more about it. As a general social network, it provides a community for people who might align themselves with the Church of Satan, or The Satanic Temple, or the United Aspects of Satan, or no specific Satanic group at all.

Is this related to the teachings of Anton LaVey?

No, this is not derived from the teachings of LaVey. Being a form of Satanism, it has the adversarial archetype in common, but is otherwise completely different. The UAoS agrees with LaVey on a few things and disagrees on many others.

What is required to become a member?

Very little. All you must do is read and understand the book “The Satanic Narratives: A Modern Satanic Bible”, and at least mostly agree with it. That is an investment of less than $5 for the ebook, and less than two hours of your time, probably more like one hour. Then go here to join.