Core Values

The United Aspects of Satan is a religious organization that accepts a metaphorical construct of Satan as a symbolic representation of our values. The values of the United Aspects of Satan are derived from literary and mythological representations of Satan. We reject all depictions of Satan as a being of cruelty and evil, and acknowledge Satan’s use by other religions as a scapegoat to maintain the fear of the masses and their obedience to the status quo. Atheistic in nature, we nevertheless define the United Aspects of Satan as a religion, and do not concede the definition of religion to those who believe that religion must contain supernaturalism. Each aspect of Satan that we choose to acknowledge represents one of the core values of our religious philosophy.

Aspects of Satan

Throughout history, mythological narratives and religious traditions have always included a character who represented an adversary or dissenter: one who challenges expectations and rebels against the norms. This character has manifested under different names, and has been imbued with different characteristics depending on the culture that created him. But in a broad historical and literary sense, these characters all can be understood as different aspects of the same underlying character: each with its own narrative, and each symbolizing an important feature of the Satanic worldview:

Rebellion against arbitrary authority
Perseverance in the face of opposition
Scientific and philosophical skepticism
The use of logic, reason, and empirical evidence to shape our morality
Community for the creative freedom and betterment of every person
Individualism and individual accomplishment
Indulgence in the pleasures of life
The application of humor, fun, wit, and cunning in our endeavors