Satanic household chores

In my household, we have a very Satanic way of dividing up the domestic work. If I’m bothered by the number of dirty dishes in the sink, I wash them. If I don’t have the energy to wash them, I don’t. But I don’t ask my partner to wash them either. If xe is bothered, xe will wash them. If not, the dishes don’t get washed… until they build up to the point where someone has both the energy and inclination to do it. Then it gets done.

Usually I wash the dishes, because my threshold for “being bothered” is much lower. But it’s my choice. Nobody tells me that it’s “my chore”, and I never resent being the one who does it because, ultimately, I do it because I want the dishes to be clean: that is my own desire.

By contrast, I never mop the floor. I probably will never mop the floor, because I find it boring and messy and aggravating. My partner finds it relaxing, so xe mops the floor. This is how we divide up all of the tasks: not by edict, not by assignment, not by command or imposition of will of one person on the other. Whichever person minds doing the chore less, or wants it done more, ends up doing it. The result is what scientists call a “self-organizing system.”

Satanic Household CleaningI say that this is a very Satanic method for dividing up the chores, because it reflects multiple values of the United Aspects of Satan. Neither one of us is putting demands on the other. Neither one of us is bargaining or holding the other person hostage. Each of us is reflecting the aspect of Belial by performing the tasks we want done the most, at the time that we want it done. We are reflecting the aspect of Satan by refusing to let conservative traditional cultural and religious proscriptions tell us which partner is “supposed” to carry out what task. And we are reflecting the aspect of The Leviathan by understanding that we are working together, even as we individually pursue our own priorities: I know that xe dislikes cleaning the toilets more than I do, so I take on that task… and let xir mop the floors instead. I am mindful of how my actions impact the entire household, without begrudging or placing demands upon anyone else’s independence.

You might think it silly to use something as mundane as household chores as a way to expound on Satanic morality; but really, what is the point of morality if you can’t apply it to the day-to-day operation of your life? That is what life is, after all, minute by minute and day by day, the million little choices that you make.

I also think household chores are a good illustration of Satanic morality, because many people have a misconception that Satanism is a kind of lone-wolf, beating-your-chest individualism. This is a leftover from the outdated “Might Makes Right” attitude in the original “Satanic Bible” by Anton LeVay (I’m tempted to refer to it as “the Old Testament of Satanism”). But for the United Aspects of Satan, individualism is strengthened by community, just as every community is strengthened by the independence of its individuals.

And what better way to illustrate that then to think about a household, and the way you manage day to day tedious chores with the ones you love? The relationships that are the healthiest allow for both mindfulness of how each person affects the other, as well as individualism and independence of all of the people involved.

Many people don’t realize it, but that dynamic — individual mutualism, coordination without the imposition of will — is deeply Satanic.

Ave Satanas.

The Narrative of Satan

“Satan literally means adversary. Satan is primarily opposition and rebellion. It is the unbowed will in the face of oppression, the eternal rebel versus the ultimate dictator. It is an unrelenting rebellion waged against the antitheses of Satanic ideals and deeply held beliefs.”—Narratives 1(Satan): 1-3

The Narrative of Satan is the first chapter in The Satanic Narratives: A modern Satanic Bible, and introduces the aspect of Satan: representing  rebellion against arbitrary authority.

Invoking the name of Satan is inherently a call to action. In mythological literature, Satan is not passive: rather, Satan is always actively working to undermine power structures and deconstruct the assumptions of the powers that be. To be a Satanist, then, is more than individualism and self-identity: it is about the way you relate to the community as a whole.

You can learn more about how the United Aspects of Satan specifically invoke the aspect of Satan in The Satanic Narratives, and by looking around this website.

Rebellion Within

As you may know, I have recently written a list of Core Values for the UAoS, based upon the philosophy presented in Damien’s book, The Satanic Narratives: A Modern Satanic Bible. I intend for my first bunch of “Sunday Devotionals” to take an in-depth look at one of the Core Values and, hopefully, present a different perspective than just what is intended by the plain text.

Today I would like to touch upon the aspect of Satan, and the first Core Value, “Rebellion against arbitrary authority.” First, I would like to say that I am aware that the term “arbitrary authority” has already been used often in the Modern Satanic community, so I am not pretending to coin a phrase by including it in the Core Values. I am simply using the term as a way of showing that Satan is a symbol of rebellion, without prescribing what level of rebellion is right for every Satanist. Each individual must decide for himself or herself how he or she chooses to deal with established authority.

The point I would like to make today is that not all forms of authority are external to the individual. As we grow and develop, we establish an idea of “them,” that invisible caucus made from previous life experiences, that gives shape to our actions by reminding us of past successes and failures. This invisible caucus can be helpful or hurtful, depending upon how we fare from heeding its advice.

Make no mistake about it, the panel of voices in your head is a form of authority that you have created and given power. It can have an even greater effect on your success than external forms of authority, because it is the only thing that can rob you of your motivation and cause you to quit before you have even begun.

When you feel that this type of established authority is no longer of benefit to you, there is only one Satanic solution to the problem:

You fucking rebel against it.

Nobody, not even the invisible caucus that presides over your thoughts and feelings, should ever make you give up on your goals. Tell “them” that if you are going to fail, you will do so spectacularly, but you will act on your own terms. Success is never guaranteed, but you are guaranteed to fail if you quit before you have even begun.

Hail rebellion! Hail Satan!