Darkness and the Void

The attraction that many Satanists have towards the darker side of life is often misunderstood. Far from being a form of mere attention-seeking or a symptom of depression, the cultivation of a dark aesthetic can be empowering.

The awareness of one’s own mortality can motivate the individual to have a greater appreciation for life.

The acknowledgement of the chaotic and merciless nature of the universe can wipe away the delusions of specialness that leave one ill-prepared to cope with misfortune once it strikes.

The recognition that there is no meaning to one’s own existence beyond what he or she chooses to make of his or her life is sobering, but also fuel for the fires of ambition.

The understanding that there is no God to save us places the responsibility that we have towards ourselves and our fellow human beings squarely upon the shoulders of each of us.

From the Void comes a hunger for pleasure, a source of perseverance and strength, the desire to achieve something of personal significance, and compassion and empathy for one’s fellow human beings, for each of us is subject to the whims of chance.

To peer into the Abyss long enough that the Abyss peers back into you is to experience the strength and sense of purpose that the darkness brings. Let it flow through you like a river. Let it burn like a flame inside your heart. Call upon it when you reach out for the warmth of your lover. Feel its presence when you must overcome whatever challenge you face.

For within the Void lies unbridled passion.

The neophyte will learn this with time and, hopefully, with mentoring. His or her projection of a dark aesthetic is a fledgling attempt to harness the power that he or she desires. This should not be treated with ridicule, but understanding. Those with experience should guide the neophyte back to the Void, and help him or her to know the reason why he or she seeks power in the first place. Help the neophyte recognize how vulnerable he or she is to an uncaring universe, and then show him or her that the understanding of that vulnerability is the source of wisdom and strength.

May your days be filled with passion, and may you achieve all that you desire.

Hail darkness! Hail Satan!

John Buer

John Buer is the first ordained priest of the United Aspects of Satan and the community organizer for Atheistic Satanists of the Bible Belt.