The Narrative of Belial

“Being an individual, thinking for yourself, and refusing to blindly follow are critically important and definitive traits of Satanism. It should be pointed out that this is different from stubbornness and contrarianism. Being a reverse sheep really is not any better than being a regular sheep.” —Narratives 6(Belial): 6-8

The Narrative of Belial is the sixth chapter in The Satanic Narratives: A modern Satanic Bible, and introduces the aspect of Belial: representing individualism and individual accomplishment.

In the early days of Modern Satanism it was fashionable to say “I am the god of my reality!” or that people should “worship themselves” as gods. This kind of dramatic language is fine, for those who need it.  It serves a function. If you are breaking free from the oppression of a religion that has taught you that you are nothing unless you grovel at the feet of an invisible spirit, it can be healthy to spend some time recovering from that psychological abuse, and reclaiming your sense of importance and autonomy.

But once that healing has been done, consider this: To be a true individualist, all you need is to love and respect yourself. Love yourself enough to be filled with self-confidence when striving to your goals. Respect yourself enough to follow your own will, regardless of whether it conforms or does not conform to the society around you. Others may see you as being “selfish” or even acting like you think you are a god. But you will know you are embracing the aspect of Belial.


"The name of the fourth is Penemue: He discovered to the children of men every secret of their wisdom. He taught men to understand writing. Therefore numerous have been those who have gone astray from every period of the world, even to this day."

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