United Aspects of Satan

This is an atheistic Satanic religion, founded by High Priest Damien Ba’al, based on a belief in empathy, scientific and philosophical skepticism, social justice, and an unrelenting rebellion against superstition, blind allegiance to authority, and arbitrary social convention. We live according to The Baphomet Principle.

The Baphomet Principle: Self-motivation balanced with compassion and reason, in all things.

The foundation of our philosophy and worldview can be found in The Satanic Narratives, but if you are new and just want to get a taste, check out The Black Book: it is a free collection of short essays and commentaries that provide a good introduction to our ideas and how they can be applied to day-to-day life.

If you are just a casual browser, check out our Purpose And Core Values and the FAQ. You can also explore our ever-growing collection of online philosophical and creative literature by our priests and members.

If you understand the symbolism of the eight Demonized Gods, and your worldview aligns with ours, you are invited to join us.