The Baphomet Principle

This is a new, small addition to the philosophy. It is separate from The Purpose And Core Values, but acts in conjunction with that. In a way it summarizes The Purpose and Core Values, as well as the moral philosophy in The Narrative of Baphomet. It emerged naturally during the course of a conversation between Damien Ba’al and John Buer.

The Baphomet Principle: Self-motivation balanced with compassion and reason, in all things.

The later part of this, “compassion and reason, in all things” is a major theme of what The Narrative of Baphomet builds to. That is a good reason to invoke the name of Baphomet. Traditionally, balance was the primary meaning behind Baphomet. So you can take this part of it as a balance between the moral and the intellectual, and of feeling and logic.

As shown in The Narrative of Baphomet compassion and reason work when taken together. So they also work as being on one side together. That is where the beginning of the statement comes in. Satanism and The Left-Hand Path have traditionally been about individualism and a motivation and drive that come from within. Rather than emulate a group behavior, one looks within for direction.

This self-motivation is in balance (as one would expect from the symbolism of Baphomet), with compassion and reason. It balances the individual with the community, or balances The Leviathan with Belial. The confidence in oneself and one’s knowledge, is balanced with reason, so as not to fall victim to one’s own biases. One’s self-interest is kept in balance with compassion for others.

This gives us a short statement with multiple layers of meaning that sums up the UAoS philosophy, and provides a good, general guideline, by which one may live.