For the Love of Satan

My love is intense and all-consuming, raging like a fire that burns in the heart of hell. It is a declaration of my existence and the manner in which I choose to exert my emotional force upon the universe. My love is a reflection of my values and the motivating force behind many of my endeavors, for as I love others, so do I seek to grow and acquire for the sake of love.

It is a misconception that the Satanist is a hateful person, incapable of loving others. As many theists declare that “God is love,” they assume that whoever would take the path of the Adversary must naturally be against love. But God is not love; God is imaginary. Love is an emotion that one can experience independently of a belief in God. The Satanist stands in defiance to the idea that a prescribed set of theistic beliefs should inform the way he or she chooses to love.

The Satanist is guided by the Luciferian light of reason in all matters, including the way in which he or she chooses to love. This is why it is acceptable for the Satanist to have romantic love for an adult person of the same gender, but not romantic love for a child, as children are not developmentally mature enough to handle relationships with adults. Apparently the Church is confused on both of these matters, following the ways of God and leaning not unto their own understanding, as they do.

As Satanists challenge religious and societal norms, so would they challenge the notion that reason alone is not sufficient to determine who they should love or how they should love others. Love is not a thing to be reserved only for those who conform to the status quo, but a feeling that can be shared with those who are not beholden to the arbitrary rules of the masses. Thus Satanic love increases the value of those who embrace outsider status, instead of allowing them to be deemed unworthy because of how “different” they might be.

This is not to say that Satanists do not have standards for whom they love, but those standards are not arbitrary rules dictated to them by God and society. A Satanist is first and foremost the adversary of self-denial and blind obedience. The love of a Satanist is as fierce and unbridled as the Satanist himself or herself.

Hail Love! Hail Satan!

John Buer

John Buer is the first ordained priest of the United Aspects of Satan and the community organizer for Atheistic Satanists of the Bible Belt.